Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying

An 18-Hour Experiential Workshop • Presented Live Online

Wednesday Evenings • February 24 – March 31, 2021   

 Step into Ceremony.
Develop a new relationship to living with aging, dying and loss.

Learn to approach death consciously as you discover and master a variety of emotional, mythic and energetic rituals to assist the dying and their caregivers find a measure of peace.

Blending knowledge of the ancient wisdom keepers with the latest scientific research, these simple tools and practices will expand your understanding of preparing for death as a rite of passage, including the psychological and emotional closure needed in the dying process.

Participants have found their lives enriched and their work with others transformed through the discovery of a new relationship with death. 

During this 18-hour online, experiential workshop you will:

  • Prepare for death as a rite of passage.
  • Explore rituals that bring you into alignment with your unique core values.
  • Recognize the power of the five practices of the No Regrets Project.
  • Experience the potency of mythic rituals - life review, storytelling, and receiving permission to die.
  • Identify key attributes of the human energy field and explore methods of clearing and calming a person in distress.
  • Investigate many ways to open and close sacred space for the dying.
  • Appreciate the transformative nature of rituals and analyze basic elements that contribute to a successful ceremony.

The signature offering of The Living & Dying Consciously Project, Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying is designed to support all persons involved in the dying process: individuals, family members, caregivers, counselors, therapists, chaplains and medical and hospice support staff.


Week One

Creating Conscious Transitions: Preparing for death as a rite of passage.
Working in Sacred Space: Holding Sacred space for the dying is a simple but powerful tool
Practice: Be Grateful Everyday

Week Two

Moving Through Together: Track the ups and downs of your emotional and energetic self.
Source of the Sacred: Tap into your personal source of the sacred and share it with others.
Practice: Courage to be Me

Week Three

Discover Your Stories: Discover creative ways of telling stories to review and find purpose in life.
3-card Story: Be inspired to take a mythical journey.
Practice: Trust – Take the Risk

Week Four

Stitch in Time: Step into different concepts of time to change your perception of the world.
Working from a Distance: Gain confidence to perform energy clearing from a distance.
Practice: Choose Joy

Week Five

Step into Ceremony: Embrace the healing magic of rituals and ceremonies everyday.
Design a Ritual: Design an honoring ritual at the threshold of death.
Practice: Love Myself & Share It



  • 6 LIVE weekly 2-hour interactive teaching sessions – LIVE online via Zoom.
  • Sessions are recorded,  with replays posted to the course website within 24 hours. So you'll never miss a session
  • 5 weekly 90-minute small group interactive working sessions (times to be determined). Each working group is limited in size and supported by an assistant teacher.  
  • More than 18 hours of supported instruction.
  • Dedicated course website for easy access to course materials and replays.
  • Class size limited to assure low student/teacher ratio and encourage interactivity.


 Workbook for Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying

Our beautiful, 72-page, digital workbook guides you through you course experience. It is filled with rituals to help you support others as they approach the threshold of death.

It is digitally interactive so that you can take notes online. Or, you can print the workbook to take notes with pen on paper. This workbook will provide a roadmap for your work in the field of living with dying for years to come.


  • Recordings, Resources and References for every weekly course module
  • Death: A Rite of Passage Online Resources – including articles, websites, groups and organizations, online videos and more


  • No Regrets Gift Bundle The No Regrets Digital Bundle is filled with tools to help you incorporate the 5 practices of the No Regrets Project into your life. It contains a meditation, an origami lotus flower altar, and a No Regrets journal. It also includes the inspirational story of Patti Pansa, the founder of the No Regrets Project.

  • Despacho Ceremony Guide (digital edition) A despacho is a traditional Andean ceremony that brings all things into alignment and balance. An Aya Despacho is a rainbow of colors and layers, created to assist the departed in their journey across the rainbow bridge from this world to the next. Our digital Aya Despacho Guide provides a shopping list of ingredients, labels for cups to hold the ingredients, and a script for the ceremony. It also contains a story with photographs to further assist you to step into ceremony.

  • Harp Music for Times of Transition by Sue Hoadley (MP3 audio) The vibrations of the harp, experienced by ancient cultures and now recognized by modern science, bring comfort, relaxation and peace. Harp music has simple texture but encompasses a spacious quality. The progression from rhythmic to arrhythmic music allows for release and expansion. Sue Hoadley is a Certified Music Practitioner, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor and Therapeutic Musician to hospices and hospitals in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  • Conscious Caregiving: Stories, rituals and resources for navigating your caregiver's journey  This blog and video series by Kitty Edwards is designed to assist those caring for a loved one moving toward the threshold of death. Each of the 18 unique modules covers a single topic – such as self-care, grief, family dynamics, dementia, spousal caregiving and more –  to help you navigate your caregiver's journey. New modules are delivered to your inbox weekly.


 LIVE 2-hour class sessions are held weekly on Wednesday evenings:

February 24  •  March 3  •  March 10  •  March 17   •  March 24  •  March 31 

4:00 pm Pacific •  5:00 pm Mountain •  6:00 pm Central  •  7:00 pm Eastern

 + PLUS 5 90-minute small group working sessions. Times to be determined.


just $347

or two payments of $179 each

A limited number of partial scholarships are available for professional hospice staff.
Please CONTACT US for details.




Kitty is the Executive Director of The Living & Dying Consciously Project. She is an Ayni Energy practitioner who helps those confronted by death find the courage to release their fears. She is a graduate Sandra Ingerman’s Core Shamanism and the Master’s Program of The Four Winds Society. She is the co-founder of the No Regrets Project and Conversations on Death in Boulder, Colorado. Kitty is a Certified HeartMath® Resilience Advantage™ Trainer, frequent speaker, and the author of many articles on the use of rituals to prepare for death as a rite of passage.


Deb is an international teacher and trainer. She is a Certified HeartMath Resilient Advantage Trainer & Coach, Soul Collage facilitator, Positive Discipline Lead Trainer, and Archetypal Trainer of Caroline Myss' Certification program. She is a graduate of the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society. Deborah serves on the mentoring committee of the Positive Discipline Association and as a Heart Ambassador with the Fyera Foundation where she participates in Operation Big Sister. Her passion is facilitating people to live consciously by connecting their hearts and brains to face life's challenges with resiliency and serenity.





What Past Participants Are Saying about Conscious Transitions

I was looking for a roadmap to guide a person through the transition and this is magnificent. 
~ Kara Morris, HTP, LMT

Thank you, Kitty and Deborah for sharing your skills, knowledge and essence to make this workshop so amazing!  My small group created a safe place to do my work and I felt so supported. 
~ Sandy Felt, Social Worker

This class did the most important and subtle thing – it gave me the permission and the
unveiling of a genuine hope and belief that death is a transition.”

~ Lila Chase, Special Education Teacher  

Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying was one of the most meaningful workshops I have ever attended. I came away with a toolbox full of tools to consciously select from and I gained important insights into my own beliefs and assumptions about conscious dying - and living!
~ Summer Meyer, CEO, Imagine Mindfulness

This workshop not only gave me new tools for my practice as an end-of -life guide, but also a new sense of the practice of living my own life consciously.
Crispin Sargent, End-of-Life Consultant

Conscious Transitions was awesome and empowering for me – within myself, my personal relationships, and in my chaplaincy. . . And I now have a curriculum that will keep me going for years. 
~ Adele Eastman, Chaplain

CONSCIOUS TRANSITIONS is a presentation of the Living & Dying Consciously Project.